Collaborative NSF Project Funded

The award, from the National Science Foundation, will enable continued collaboration between the Ruggiero Group at the University of Vermont,…


Ruggiero Awarded CAREER Grant!

Mike and the team have been awarded a $600,000 National Science Foundation CAREER award to study the role of low-frequency vibrational dynamics on the properties of organic semiconducting solids. The…Continue Reading →

Team Awarded NSF Grant!

Mike, in collaboration with UVM Professors Madalina Furis (Physics), Linda Schadler (Dean, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences), and Appala Raju Badireddy (Civil and Environmental Engineering), was awarded a $400,000 National Science…Continue Reading →

Song attends GRC

Song attended the GRC conference: Preclinical Form and Formulation for Drug Discovery, which took place June 09, 2019 – June…


Emily visits McGill

In January 2020, Emily visited McGill University to learn about THz generation and detection. She worked with Prof. David Cooke…


Peter Visits Grenoble

In September 2019, Peter met with a collaborator, Gabriele D’avino of the theory of condensed matter team of the CNRS in Grenoble, France. A thorough week of discussion lead to…Continue Reading →

Peter Presented at IRMMW-THz

In September 2019, Peter attended the 44th IRMMW-THz meeting in Paris, presenting a talk titled “Identification and Characterization of ‘Killer-Modes’…